Logging my food with icons

Healthie's photo-based food logging feature makes it easy for you to keep a food diary of your meals, and also indicate factors like hungriness and healthiness, pre-meal hungriness, and post-meal fullness. 

Based on your work with a provider, these tracking features may be turned on or off for your account. If you have any questions about logging food on Healthie, please message your provider. 

Overview of Hungriness Scale

Healthie uses plate icons - scale of 1 - 3 to indicate how hungry you are while eating a meal. 1 plate indicates being "not very hungry" while 3 plates is the equivalent of "very hungry." 

Overview of Healthiness Scale

Healthie uses traffic lights (green, yellow, red) for clients to indicate the perceived healthiness of a food choice. Green being client believes food is healthy.