Sync Google Fit with Healthie

You can sync your Google Fit account with your Healthie account, which will allow your provider to view key metrics related to your health and wellbeing. 


How to sync your Google Fit account with Healthie

  • From your Healthie App > Navigation Menu > Integrations > Google Fit
  • You will be prompted to log in to your Google Account using a web browser on your mobile device
  • You'll see a list of categories that you can sync to your Healthie account. Toggle the categories you'd like to sync by tapping the button. Green = they will sync. You can also tap "Turn All Categories ON" 
  • Be sure to tap the "ALLOW" option on the top right to enable to connection. 

If you navigate back to Integrations, you will see the status "Connected" if your Google Fit has been connected to Healthie

Once you have synced your GoogleFit with Healthie, your metric entries will show up in your Metrics Feed


  • Information is shared only with your provider - no one else will have access to information to your health data transferred between Google Fit and Healthie
  • It may take 24 hours for the sync to activate; please give the connection 24 hours to process before reaching out to your provider for further assistance

Needing to reach your provider?

If you would like to reach your provider, we recommend that you Message your Provider via Chat. Within your account, navigate to Chat > New Chat Message. 

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