Message provider through Chat

Healthie makes it easy for you to securely communicate with your provider through the web platform and the mobile app. This can be used to provide updates about appointments, ask questions about a care regimen, and provide general updates to your provider. 


Access chat from your computer

Step 1: Log in to the Healthie platform 

Step 2: Click the "Chat" icon on the left hand side dashboard

Note: If you have not completed your intake forms / paperwork, you may be prompted to complete these prior to viewing the messages / chat and continuing the conversation with your provider.

Access chat from your mobile device

Step 1: Download the iOS or Android App

Step 2: Sign in using the same e-mail address an password you use to sign in from a computer. If needed, reset your password.

Step 3: Click "Chat" icon at the bottom to be taken to a conversation with your provider. 

Archiving & Deleting a chat

To archive a Chat Message: Click the "Archive" icon on the top right of your message conversation. If you would then like to see previous conversation history, click the "Archive" tab. 

On the App, Navigate to the Chat icon (bottom of the app) >> Select the Conversation >> select 3 dots [...] >> Archive >> Yes or No. 

On the Computer, Navigate to Chat >> Select the conversation thread >> Archive (located on the right side panel, you might have to scroll) 

To Delete a Chat Message: Log into Chat from your computer. Hover over the message and click on the red trash can to delete. 

To message another care team member in your provider's organization, you should see another conversation thread created with either the other care team member's profile picture or initials. 


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