Message Your Provider Through Chat

Your Client Portal makes it easy for you to securely communicate with your provider through the web platform and the mobile app. These can both be used to provide updates about appointments such as cancellation or reschedule requests, ask questions about a care regimen, and provide general health updates to your provider. 

If you are having issues logging into your Client Portal, follow the instructions here to reset your password. Your username is your email address on file. If you are having technical issues accessing your account, please email for Support.

Access Chat From Your Computer

To access chat from the web platform: 

  1. Log in to the Healthie platform.
  2. Click the "Chat" icon on the left hand side menu.
  3. Click through to view individual conversations with providers, or any group chats you are a part of. 

Important Notes:  

  • If you have not completed your intake forms or paperwork, you may be prompted to complete these prior to viewing "Chat" and continuing the conversation with your provider.
  • If you do not see a "Chat" tab on your web platform or mobile device, it means that your provider may have disabled chat from your work with them. Please contact your provider through an alternative means (email or phone number) as part of their communication preferences.

Access Chat From Your Mobile Device

To access chat from your mobile device: 

  1. Download the iOS or Android App
  2. Sign in using the same e-mail address and password you use to sign in from a computer. If needed, reset your password.
  3. Click "Chat" icon at the bottom to be taken to a conversation with your provider. 

Archiving & Deleting a Chat

A chat conversation can be archived, which will not hard delete the conversation. It can be retrieved at any time.

On your computer:

Click the "Archive" icon in the top right corner of your message conversation. If you would then like to see previous conversation history, select the "Archived Conversations" filter under the "Visibility" tab. 

On the mobile app:

Navigate to the Chat tab using the bottom menu bar. Select the conversation you wish to archive, and click on the "..." to bring up the menu. Click "Archive Conversation" and then confirm this is the conversation you wish to archive. 

To delete a chat message:

Log into Chat from your computer. Hover over the message and click on the red trash can to delete. 

Message a Care Team member

To message another care team member in your provider's organization, you should see another conversation thread created with either the other care team member's profile picture or initials. 


Chat: FAQs

I do not see the ability to Chat with my Provider, what can I do? 

If you do not see a "Chat" tab on your web platform or mobile device, it means that your provider has disabled chat from your work with them. We recommend connecting with them in a different way to coordinate about your communication options. 

I accidentally archived my Chat with my provider, and now I cannot initiate a Chat. What should I do?

To unarchive a chat, set your "Visibility" filter to "All" to view both Archived and Active conversations. Select the archived conversation, and click the "Unarchive" button to bring the conversation back to your Active conversations. 

How can I consolidate windows shown on my screen, in order to view more of the Chat screen?

You can collapse the left-hand navigation bar by clicking the small triangle at the top of the navigation bar. This will increase the width of the chat conversation on your Computer. 

Can't Reach Your Provider?

It is possible that your provider is not currently using Chat as a form of communication with patients. In the event that you cannot access your account, or locate Chat, please reach out to your provider through another means they have provided (ie. office email or phone number).

Healthie is a technology platform and not directly involved with patient care. We are unable to direct any requests or messages on behalf of a patient to their care provider. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you are experiencing technical issues with your account, please email for additional support.

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