How to Join a Video Call

As part of working with your care provider, you (or your provider) may have booked an appointment that will be conducted via video call (telehealth). All you need is an internet connection and a device to securely join your video session.  

This article walks through best practices on how to join a video call.

Before Your Video Call

As a best practice, we encourage to make sure that you've done the following tasks prior to your call time:

  1. Accepted your provider's invitation to join them on the platform
  2. Logged into your client account from the web browser or mobile app
  3. Completed any intake forms your provider may have sent you (if forms are required, you may be blocked from joining your video call until they have been submitted to your provider)
  4. Confirmed a strong internet connection

Logging into Your Client Portal

To join a video call, you must first log into your Client Portal from either the web browser or mobile app. This can be done after you've set up your client account (you should have received an email invitation from your provider, learn more here).

If you are having issues logging into your Client Portal, follow the instructions here to reset your password. Your username is your email address on file. If you are having technical issues accessing your account, please email for Client Portal Support

If you would like to connect with your provider directly (ie. to cancel, reschedule, or confirm your appointment) we recommend messaging your provider via Chat or at the contact they provided you.

Join a Video Call from the Web Browser

After you've logged into your account from your computer, you'll be able to follow the steps to join your video session. You cannot join a session more than 10 minutes before the scheduled start time.

Join Appointment from Your Dashboard

For all video call appointments, you'll see a 10 minute countdown announcement on your dashboard. Within this notification there is a button Join Appointment on the top-right.

This notification only displays 10 minutes in advance, and it is not possible to join a call before this.

Join Appointment from Your Appointments Page

Alternatively, you can also view and join a video call from your Appointments page.

  • Click Appointments in the left-hand navigation
  • Use the Join Appointment button in the countdown banner
  • Or use the Join Call link in the upcoming appointment details

If you do not see any appointments list in the Upcoming Appointments tab, then there are no sessions scheduled. Please reach out to your provider directly for further inquiry, or assistance with booking an appointment.

Join a Video Call from the Mobile App

Prior to joining a video call from your Client Portal via the mobile app, you'll need to have downloaded the app and successfully logged in. Follow the steps at the top of this article to download the mobile app and log into your Client Portal.

Join a Call from Your Dashboard

Your Next Session will show prominently on the home screen of your Client Portal. Click Join Call to launch your session.

Join from Your Sessions Tab

Alternatively, you can click to your Sessions Tab and join this way.

  • Click Sessions (bottom screen, calendar icon)
  • Tap the [...] next to the upcoming session
  • Select Join Call
  • Your session will automatically launch

During your first time that you launch a Video Call from the mobile app, you will be prompted to give access to your audio and your video.

For the best telehealth experience, you must give these permissions by clicking "Allow" or "Ok" when prompted. If you've denied access to your camera or video, you'll see guidance on how to fix it by going to your phone settings. 

Equipment Recommendations

To ensure a quality connection during your session, we recommend that you have:

  • Desktop computer/laptop with a webcam, speakers, and sufficient memory OR
  • Smartphone device with at least iOS 11 or Android 6.0 installed (you will need to download the Healthie iOS app or Android app)
    • You will not be able to connect to a telehealth session from the web browser (E.g., safari) if using your phone. 
  • A strong internet connection, that is at least 10 Mbps in strength.

We recommend testing your video chat prior to your first telehealth session, to confirm that you have enabled your microphone and camera. 

Launching a Zoom Session

In some cases, your provider may have created your video call session to be launched through Zoom (versus directly within your Client Portal). Zoom is a secure web conferencing platform. You can join Zoom appointments from your mobile device or computer, just like a typical video session. You won't need to create a Zoom account to launch the session, but you will need to have the Zoom app installed on your device in order to join the call. You do not have to be logged into your Zoom account for the session to launch. 

Download Zoom from your phone: 

1. Download the Zoom app:

Download Zoom from your computer:

1. Download the Zoom app.

  • For any computer, you can download the Zoom app here

2. To join the telehealth session...

  • Login to your Healthie account at from Google Chrome or Firefox. (Zoom is not compatible with other browsers.) 
  • Go to the Appointments tab on the side bar, find the session you'd like to join, and click "Join Call." 

Video Call Best Practices

  • We recommend testing your video chat prior to your first video call session, to ensure that your camera/microphone is enabled. 
  • Please review this Video call troubleshooting guide if you are still having trouble connecting to a session
  • If you are experiencing video choppiness, please make sure you have a strong internet connection. We recommend connecting to WiFi, depending on your specific region. 

Video Call FAQs

How can I improve the quality of my video connection?

Test your internet connection speed to ensure it meets our recommended requirements

Close other windows and programs that you may have open. Make sure you are not simultaneously downloading large files or have anti-virus scanners running while using Telehealth

Is my session secure?

Healthie is a HIPAA-compliant platform, which means that we use the highest industry standards to protect your information. This includes video calls. Whether you use Healthie's video call or our direct integration with Zoom, your call is secure. You can learn more about our security measures here

Who can I contact if I'm having technical issues?

We suggest that you reach out to your wellness provider first to learn if there are any other steps you can take to launch your call. You can also email our team at for support. 

Please review this Video call troubleshooting guide if you are having trouble connecting to a session

Need to Reach Your Provider?

If you would like to reach your provider, we recommend that you Message Your Provider via Chat. Within your account, navigate to Chat > New Chat Message. 

It is possible that your provider is not currently using Chat as a form of communication with patients. In the event that you cannot access your account, or locate Chat, please reach out to your provider through another means they have provided (ie. office email or phone number).

Healthie is a technology platform and not directly involved with patient care. We are unable to direct any requests or messages on behalf of a patient to their care provider. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you are experiencing technical issues with your account, please email for additional support.

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