Documents: View, Upload, Share with your provider

Through the Healthie platform, you can securely upload and share documents, which are viewable by your provider. This can be done from your computer, or the mobile apps. 

From your computer

  • On the main Healthie platform, click on "Documents"
  • Select "Add file" 
  • Select the file from your computer that you would like to share
  • Click "Upload." - This document will automatically be shared with your provider, and they will receive a notification from the portal, that you have uploaded a document for them to view.  

From your mobile device

  • Download the Healthie app
  • Click on the three lines on the top right of your app
  • Click on "Documents"
  • Then, upload the document of your choosing. You will also be able to see all previous documents that you have entered, as well as documents that your provider has shared with you. 

Healthie allows clients to download and organize documents shared by providers

If your health care provider has shared a document with you, you'll be able to view it by clicking Documents in the sidebar, on the left of Healthie. Once you locate the document you'd like to view, you can download it by hovering over the Actions ellipses to the right of the document details. 

To remove a document, simply select Delete from the Actions ellipses. Please note that deleted documents will need to be re-shared by your health care provider if you need access to them in the future.