Healthie iOS and Android Apps

Healthie is available on a computer (you can sign in here) and through the Mobile Apps (iOS app and Android app). If downloading the Healthie app, please make sure you see the multi-colored Apple Logo, to know that you are downloading the correct App. 

Healthie’s mobile app makes it easy for you to stay in contact with your provider and benefit from the resources that they have offered you. 


How to log in

Your e-mail address (the same one you use to log into this platform from your computer) is used as your username. You can also use the same password that you have set up for your computer ( Reset password link here).

Features of Healthie's Mobile App

Please note: Your provider is able to customize your permissions, so please be sure to check with your provider if you have any questions or do not see any logging capabilities in your account 

Navigating the mobile app 

  • Home: Upon logging into the mobile app, you will see the ability to post nutrition & activity entries that are shared with your provider
  • Journal: To post an entry, click on the pictured icon, and follow the navigation to upload your entry. 
    • You can view added Journal entries by clicking on the "Journal" tab
  • Chat: Securely send messages to your. To send a message, select a message thread, type your message and press Send by selecting the arrow icon:
  • Goals: View goals that your provider has recommended for you, and add goals of your own, to engaged and accountable. 
  • Sessions (Appointments): View your upcoming appointments, including the time and location, cancel any appointments, and schedule a new appointment, if this enabled by your provider. 

FAQs: Mobile App

If I delete and re-install the app, will I lose information and previous entries that I have logged?

It can sometimes be helpful to delete and re-install an app in order to ensure that you are on the latest version. If you delete and re-install the mobile app, you will NOT lose any information and/or previous entries that you have already logged. 

I am having issues downloading the mobile app. What should I do? 

The most common reason why you are finding difficulty downloading the mobile app is that you have a low amount of memory available on your device, and you will need to make more space on your device to successfully download the mobile app. We recommend checking the local memory on your device, and confirming that there is sufficient memory remaining. 

Needing to reach your provider?

If you would like to reach your provider, we recommend that you Message your Provider via Chat. Within your account, navigate to Chat > New Chat Message. 

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