About Healthie

Healthie is a web and mobile platform that enables you to connect with your provider in one secure place. On this platform, you'll be able to track your food, health progress, achievement towards goals, and even meet with your healthcare provider virtually, if that’s within your care plan. Plus, you can securely message with your provider with questions. 

Your provider uses this platform as one secure portal to conduct care. All of your provider's documents, references, and resources are in one place, so your provider can stay better connected to you over a longer period of time.  Healthie is designed to help providers manage their schedule, take care of billing, and communicate with you, so that you can receive better care. 


  • Communicate with your provider through secure chat
  • Track your food and other health metrics
  • Understand progress towards your health goals
  • Track your payments 
  • Complete intake forms and sign documents online
  • Manage the process of working with your provider


Protecting your data and ensuring your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Healthie makes sure to constantly protect your personal health information. This platform is HIPAA-compliant and uses secure socket layers to ensure data security and industry-leading cryptography. Videoconferencing is conducted over an encrypted network, and meetings are not recorded. Most importantly, only you and your provider will have access to information that you post and store on Healthie, and your pictures, notes, and comments are protected and will never be published without your explicit written consent.


Healthie is available on a computer (you can sign in here) and through the mobile apps (iOS app and Android app links). 

Healthie uses your e-mail address as the username, and as part of getting started, you are asked to set a password. You can reset your password here

Getting started

You will receive an e-mail from your provider, with a subject line asking you to accept your provider's invite to Healthie. 

In this e-mail, you will see a button to set up your account. Click on this link, and you'll be asked to set up your password to access the system. 

After setting up your username and password, you'll have access to the client portal, and the resources that your provider has shared with you. You may be asked to fill out some forms, view documents, book an appointment, and message with your provider. 

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