Adding an entry to journal

Adding a food, workout, or selfie via the mobile app.

Clients can take pictures of their meals, add a reflection, log workouts, set goals, track metrics, and view data from their smart phones or the Healthie website. 

How to log an entry from the iOS or Android mobile app:

Click on the "+" sign and then select food, workout, or selfie

Take a picture by pressing the Camera icon (make sure you have given Healthie access to your camera) - either take a new picture, or choose an existing one from your camera roll. 

Press the "check mark" then "Done" - You have the option of leaving a comment to describe your food or experience. 

How to log an entry from a web browser:

Click on your name on the left sidebar of Healthie. 

Choose a category from the blue list at the top of the page: Food Journal, Workouts, Selfies, or Metrics.

Click the blue "Create Entry" button.

Finally, fill in the details for your entry and click Post.