Food, Activity, and Lifestyle Journaling

Through your portal, you can log food, workout, metrics, and selfies and securely share these in real-time with your provider to review. This makes it easy for you to keep a diary of your food and activity.  Your provider is the only entity that is able to view journal entries, and these are not shared with other clients or publicly. 

Healthie's food, metric, and activity journaling is a feature that needs to be enabled by your provider. So, if you would like to log nutrition and/or lifestyle entries, but do not see this when you log into your portal, your provider may need to turn this on for you, if appropriate for your Care Plan. Your provider may also turn on / off certain logging details based on your specific Care Plan, so you will likely not see all options for logging that are discussed below. 

If you have any questions about logging nutrition and lifestyle entries via your Healthie Journal, we recommend reaching out to your provider via Chat.

Note: Healthie's nutrition and activity journaling is a feature that needs to be enabled by your provider. Moreover, your provider may turn on / off certain logging details based on your specific care plan, so you will likely not see all of these options as you log an entry. If you have any questions about logging food on Healthie, please message your provider. 


Types of entries available to log

Food Journaling

You can take pictures of meals, indicate hungriness and healthiness, special settings for eating disorders, write comments, write a description, and a reflection.

You can also use Healthie's food journal feature to nutrient track. The nutrient tracking setting may be enabled by your healthcare provider so that you can log nutrient data using the USDA Food Database. With this feature, you can:

  • Search for, and log, specific food items from our internal food database (both from the web and Healthie mobile app) 
  • View macronutrient and key micronutrient data 
  • View overall calories consumed per journal entry, and total calories consumed per day as part of Journal Entries

Read more details on food journaling and nutrient tracking here

Activity Logging

You can log your workouts or activity, including type of activity and intensity. 

  • Workout types include: Running, Walking, Yoga, Meditation, Weights, Swimming, Cycling, Other
  • Intensity can be logged on a scale from 1-10, with 1 indicating low intensity and 10 being highest intensity

You can also sync your wearable technology, such as Fitbit, Google Fit, or Apple Health, with Healthie to automatically track data and metrics.

Metrics Tracking

With the metrics tracking feature, you can track both default and custom metrics for your Healthie provider to review. You can work with your provider to determine which metrics are best for you to track, based on your wellness goals. 

As you log metrics over time, you will be able to view graphs within Healthie that demonstrate the progress you make over time. 

Water Logging

If your provider has enabled it, you will see the "Water" entry type within your account on your client dashboard on the web browser. 

When you click on the entry, you will be prompted to select the quantity of water consumed. Each time you log a water entry, Healthie will tabulate the total water intake for the day, and will alert you when your daily goal has been met. 

Stool (Poop) Tracking

If your provider has enabled it, you will see the "Poop" entry type within your account on your client dashboard on the web browser.  

Upon clicking the entry, you will be prompted to select the form of your stool and add any note for their provider. The forms used are based on the Bristol Stool Chart

Lifestyle Journaling

Other types of journal entries include selfies and notes. Use selfies to take pictures of your progress over time to share with your provider. 

Notes are a free-text journal entry, where you can give your provider updates throughout the day, on general progress, symptom updates, thoughts, etc. If enabled by your provider, you can also use emojis to log mood entries. 

How to log an entry

From the mobile app: 

  • Click on the pictured icon to enter a Food, Workout, Metric, or Selfie
  • To take a picture or select an image, select + Add Photo  (make sure you have given Healthie access to your camera) - You can either take a new picture or choose an existing one from your camera roll. 
  • Then select "Post Entry" in the top right corner.

From your computer:

  • On your Home Dashboard > Select Category > Enter Fields

View Provider reactions & comments to entries

Your provider can indicate that they've seen your entry by responding with a comment or quick reaction. 

A provider will typically use a quick reaction to acknowledge that they have viewed an entry, in an instance where a comment may not be necessary. These reactions include Thumbs up, Cheers, Great job, Celebrate, Wondering and Viewed.

You will NOT receive a notification when a provider clicks on this icon, for one of your entries, but it will be visible when you review your activity log.

Modify what you log

You may want to modify the settings for your food, metrics, wearable entries. To make adjustments to what you can log, including an additional metric, please message your provider via Chat, and your provider will be able to enable or modify your logging capabilities.

Share your Journal

Note: At this time, it is not possible for you to export your journal, or share your journal electronically with other providers that are not connected with you on Healthie. 

Needing to reach your provider?

If you would like to reach your provider, we recommend that you Message your Provider via Chat. Within your account, navigate to Chat > New Chat Message. 

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