Integrations with wearables

When you work with your wellness provider on Healthie, you can make it easy to share data and health information that you are currently tracking in other apps. By integrating your Healthie account with your Fitbit, Apple Health, and other devices, the data that is collected through your tracker will automatically upload into Healthie. 

This not only saves you time when logging, but it also enables your wellness provider to view this additional information. Your health information can be used to help track your progress and allows your provider to make customized wellness recommendations for you. 


Access integrations from the web browser

  • Log in to your Healthie client portal 
  • Click the settings wheel (gear icon) on the top-right of your profile 
  • Select "Integrations" from the menu 

You'll now be able to view and connect, your accounts with available integrations. 

Access integrations from the Healthie mobile app

  • Log in to the Healthie mobile app
  • Tap the hamburger menu (3 lines) on the top left of the app 
  • Tap "Integrations" from the menu 

You'll now be able to view and connect, your accounts with available integrations. 

Integrations Available

Healthie integrates with the following health and nutrition trackers: 

Once you've integrated your account, you will see a "Connected" status. You can always disconnect at any time by revisiting the integrations page.

Healthie does not currently directly integrate with Garmin, Aura, and Whoop. We recommend looking into whether you can connect these devices with your Apple Health and GoogleFit to pull entries into those platforms, to then share that information into Healthie. 

Needing to reach your provider?

If you would like to reach your provider, we recommend that you Message your Provider via Chat. Within your account, navigate to Chat > New Chat Message. 

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