Introduction: Goals Platform

The Healthie Goals Feature is designed to be an engaging tool to help you stay motivated and successful with your health changes. From your client portal, or mobile app, you will be able to: 

  • View current wellness goals 
  • Create a new goal 
  • Monitor your progress
  • Check off completed goals or subgoals 
  • Receive in-app reminders to complete your goals 
  • Message your wellness provider with any questions re: your goals or challenges to completing

The fundamentals

The goal setting feature in Healthie allows you, and your wellness provider, to set one-time, daily, weekly, monthly, and ongoing goals. 

  • For example, when you complete a daily goal, it will reappear the following day for you to complete
  • As another example, if you complete a one-time goal, it will NOT re-appear again

One level deeper, Healthie's goals platform has "sub-goals" for you to mark things off, as you complete them.

You are then able to view completion statuses. 

Your provider can view goals in real-time, as you mark updates.

Create a New Goal From the Mobile App

  • Marking a goal as complete: click on the "check mark" to mark a goal as complete
  • Creating a new goal: click on "Add goal"

Create a New Goals From your Computer

  • Marking a goal as complete: click on the "check mark" to mark a goal as complete
  • Creating a new goal: click on "Add goal

You can view your goal history and add a new goal under the Goals tab. 

To add a new goal, click “Add a Goal,” and you'll be asked to fill out a few fields, including: 

  • Title for your goal 
  • Description (optional) 
  • Frequency (daily, weekly or one-time) 
  • Start date (optional) 
  • End date (optional) 
  • Subgoals (optional)

Once you've filled out your goal information, click "Create Goal." If you did not 

 click “Create Goal.” You can also view your goals or create one of your own. Subgoals, or small-scale goals that impact the overall goal. To create a subgoal, select “Add Sub Goal”. Add the Subgoal Title and Subgoal Description. 

How to Check Off a Completed Goal 

Once you created your subgoals, you are able to check them off completely. You will see a percentage of how much you have left completing the overall goal. 

From your client portal on a computer: click the "Goals" tab on the top right of your client dashboard 

You'll see all of your active goals for the day, or you can change the date range if needed. 

Simply click the white button with a checkmark in it to make a goal as done. The button will turn to blue, letting you know you've completed it! 

Goal Completion Rates 

From your Healthie client portal, when you navigate to the "Goals" tab, you'll see Goal Completion Rate. For each wellness goal, you’ll see the percent of progress made towards completing you goal (0-100%) AND your overall goal achievement rate for the day. 

As you complete more goals set for the day/week, you'll see your completion rate increase towards 100! 

Goal Streaks 

Complete a daily goal THREE times in a row, and you'll be on a steak. 

Complete a weekly goal THREE weeks in a row, and you'll also be on a streak. For every goal that you consistently achieve, you'll earn more streaks. This feature is meant to motivate you to complete your goals on a a day-to-day basic, because consistency creates new healthy habits.