Deactivate your client account

There may be instances in which you are looking to deactivate your account as the client of a provider on Healthie. For example, this may occur if:

  • You have a new provider
  • You are no longer working with a provider

In this instance, please message your provider through chat

They will know to archive your account. In this instance, they will help with account information, personal information, and financial information depending on his/her business and legal policies. 

Permanently Delete Your Account 

Under HIPAA Privacy Laws, medical records are required to be saved for 6+ years (can be longer depending on the state/profession or insurance payer that the provider is contracted with). As such, Healthie is unable to delete your medical records, even at your request. 

Additionally, Healthie is an EHR, much like the one your other doctors, hospitals, or clinics may use. As such, there is no way for you to directly delete or deactivate your client account/records. 

We apologize for the inconvenience, but health privacy laws preclude us from taking further action (even on your behalf).

Some additional steps you can take to minimize your data on file, and prevent notifications: 

  • Request that your provider delete the payment card on file for your account if appropriate 
  • Turn off notifications for your account 
  • Ask your provider to remove you from any Programs you are enrolled in 
  • Ask your provider to archive your account
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