E-mail and push notification preferences

You can enable / disable e-mail and push notifications, for the web platform, as well as the mobile app, to adjust your settings for the following features within the platform: 

  • Chat
  • Comments on food journal, workouts, metrics, and selfies
  • Upcoming Appointments
  • Upcoming Telehealth Sessions (a reminder push notifications 5 minutes before the scheduled start time of a video call) 
  • Goals

Enable telehealth push notifications for your mobile device:

  • On iOS: General Settings > Notifications > Healthie > Enable Push notifications
  • On Android: Apps > Settings > More > Healthie > Turn on notifications

Enable other push notifications: 

  • Log into your Healthie account from a computer, or a web browser (e.g., Safari) --> NOT within the mobile app. 
  • Click on "Settings (top right)" > Notifications

Note: only your provider can adjust push notifications to complete goals (either daily, weekly, monthly, or never).