In some cases, the provider you work with may not be in-network with your insurance, or simply may not accept insurance at their practice. This means it will be up to you to cover the cost of your services, out of pocket. One alternative is to ask your provider to send you a Superbill. A Superbill is a customized receipt you can submit to your insurance company that outlines the services that you have received from your provider for care. Insurance companies will use the Superbill to decide whether to cover some/all of your services, or even a portion (%) of services that you have received.

Insurance coverage will depend on factors including: 

  • Your insurance plan 
  • Your deductible 
  • Any diagnoses 
  • The type of treatment provided to you 
  • Whether your provider is considered in-network / out-of-network 

If you'd like to request a Superbill for services rendered, please Message your provider through Chat. Your provider can securely generate and share a Superbill with you, for you to print out and use to share with your insurance company.


Viewing your Superbill

To view a Superbill that has been shared with you through Healthie:

  1. Click on the "Billing" tab on the left side menu, and select "Superbills" from the drop down. 
  2. Click on "View Details" for the Superbil you'd like to view and download. 
  3. Select Download to view & print your Superbill.

You will then need to contact your insurance company to submit the Superbill based on their protocols and procedures.

Needing to reach your provider?

If you would like to reach your provider, we recommend that you Message your Provider via Chat. Within your account, navigate to Chat > New Chat Message. 

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