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Healthie is a secure health portal that allows you to connect with your healthcare provider, including booking appointments. There are two ways you can receive a Healthie login: 

1. Your healthcare provider manually adds you to the portal, in which you'll receive an invitation email. Learn how to activate your account here

2. You purchase a package or book an appointment through a link that has been shared with you by a healthcare provider. After booking or purchasing, you'll automatically have a Healthie account created -- and you'll be prompted to create a password. Please note, the email address you provided will serve as your login information. 

This article walks through the booking process within the Healthie portal. You can log into your Healthie account from either the web browser (ie. on your computer) or from the Healthie mobile app (for iOS or Android devices). 


Booking an appointment (from a web browser) 

1. Log into your Healthie Client Portal and click the Appointments tab on the left-side menu. 

Here you'll see any upcoming and past appointments, as well as a blue button to "Book Appointment. 

2. Select the type of appointment you'd like to book with your healthcare provider by clicking the "Select" button.

Your provider may offer multiple contact options, which you can select from, as you book your appointment:

  • Healthie Video Call: Secure Video Chat within your Healthie platform or mobile app
  • In-person: The session will occur in person at your providers' location indicated 
  • Phone call: You will be prompted to enter your phone number; your provider will give you a call at the scheduled time. 

If the wellness business that you are booking with offers multiple wellness providers and/or multiple locations, you'll see additional steps in the booking process. Follow the prompts to choose your provider and the correct location. 

3. Choose your date and time from the availability offered. 

If you do not see any availability, you'll need to reach out to your healthcare provider directly through Healthie Chat or email. 

4. Confirm your appointment. 

You'll see a confirmation screen, and also receive a confirmation email. For your convenience, you can also add your appointment directly to your personal calendars (iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook) by clicking the link in the confirmation screen or email. 

Booking an appointment (from the app) 

You can also easily book a session from the Healthie Mobile App. If you have not done so, you can download the app at the Apple or Google Play stores. The Healthie Mobile App is designed to work on an iPhone or Android device. 

Once downloaded, you can log into the Healthie app.

  1. Click the "Sessions" tab from the menu 
  2. Tap the "Book" button on the top right 
  3. Follow the prompts to select which session you want to book, the date/time, and contact type. 
  4. Click "Create Session" 

You'll receive an email confirmation with your appointment details, and can directly add your appointment to your personal calendar. 

Note: if you are working with multiple wellness providers at an organization, or your healthcare provider has multiple locations, you'll see additional steps in the booking process. You'll have the option to choose the wellness provider you'd like to book with as well as a location if available. 

If you are unable to book an appointment, please Message your Provider through Chat to see their availability and coordinate on a time.

Tip: Never miss an appointment. Tap "Add to calendar" to add your appointment to your personal calendar. 

Viewing upcoming sessions

From the Web Browser: 

When logged into your Healthie Client Portal from the web browser, you can view your upcoming schedule appointments in the "My Appointments" tab or on your homepage - or by clicking the "Appointments" tab in your menu. 

From the Healthie Mobile app: 

From the Healthie mobile app, click the "Sessions" icon on the home menu. Your upcoming appointments will also display right on your dashboard when you first log in. 

Session Credits

If your provider uses the Credits System, you may be prevented from booking if you do not have any credits. If this is the case, you will see a message saying that you do not have enough credit. You have two options: 

  • Purchase a package to get more credits: Packages > Select Package
  • Message your provider through Chat to coordinate on booking your next session

Canceling or rescheduling an appointment

To reschedule or cancel an existing appointment: Select the date of the scheduled appointment, click on the "..." (3 dots) next to the appointment. This can be done from the web browser or the mobile app. You will then be prompted to cancel or reschedule your appointment, in accordance with your provider's established session policies. 

Unable to book an appointment

If you are unable to book an appointment, please Message your Provider through Chat to see their availability and coordinate on a time.

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